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Meet Vic, CCE (certified canine esthetician), your dog groomer and owner of Nature's Design Dog Spa. Vic was born and raised in Boise, Idaho and has been grooming since early 2016. They became certified through Petco and quickly fell in love with their profession. In 2023, Vic earned their CCE, which has given them a deep scientific understanding of the canine skin and coat physiology, how to treat certain surface conditions and how to avoid developing certain conditions through specific grooming techniques and products. It should be noted that while canine estheticians can help treat symptoms of skin and coat conditions, this is not a replacement for medical care.
From the beginning, Vic has had a deep connection with animals and believes that it is not only important to cater to a dog's individual physical needs, but their emotional and psychological needs as well. They have always strived to create an environment in which dogs and their owners can feel understood, respected, and safe. You can put your mind at ease knowing that your furry friend is in great hands, recieving top quality care.

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